The loan restructuring.

  With the home loan it is possible to obtain liquidity for the main needs concerning the home, including the renovation loan. The loan for renovation can be requested to finance different types of interventions on the property: ordinary maintenance work on the property, or interventions of limited scope such as refurbishment of the plaster […]

Need to Know in Consumer Loans.

The types of loans used by real persons are defined as general purpose loans. Basically, general purpose loans are divided into two types as mortgaged and unencumbered. An assessment at Amount without any guarantee These are the credits taken at a certain maturity and amount without any guarantee. Since there is no collateral, the […]

What to do to get a loan?

With loans for the home (renovation and furniture) and for the purchase of a car (both new and used) and in Italy they are the masters (representing about 60% of total requests and 80% of the disbursed ), and not forgetting that with the crisis more and more people are resorting to the liquidity loan […]

The marriage loan.

The wedding loan allows you to organize an important moment, perhaps the most remembered, in the life of a couple with serenity. The expenses to be incurred for the organization of a wedding (the purchase of the clothes, the wedding rings, the lunch offered to the guests, the photo album, the honeymoon, etc.) can significantly […]

What are the main differences between a loan and a mortgage for restructuring?

Apply for renovation For those who decide to carry out a renovation on their property and need to apply for financing, there are two different options: on the one hand there are loans for renovation, on the other there are loans for renovation. To evaluate which solution is best suited to your needs, the first […]

File Expense Lending Banks (Final Approval) | Loans

  File Cost-Free Credit , which does not take file costs , file-free credit banks , file-free credit which are the banks and all information about file-free loans are included in the continuation of our article. In case of loan applications, if the loans are approved, the bank collects a service fee by deducting the […]

3-Month Postponed Lending Banks 2019 | Loans

The 3-Month Postponed Loan, which is a type of loan that is intended for people who will enter the investment after withdrawing the loan and those who will receive the return on investment a few months later, has taken many people to research. Repayable loans after 3 months The special feature of these loans is […]

Fine-free mortgage repayment

More and more homeowners are considering paying extra on the mortgage. The crisis, low savings rates and new mortgage rules make many people think about their mortgage. Certainly homeowners with a (partial) interest-only mortgage more often opt for an additional loan repayment. But sometimes you pay a fine for early repayment of the mortgage. What […]

Consider whether it is more convenient to buy or just borrow

First, think about whether you will use your bike, skis or car frequently, or if you ventilate them once in a while. With a bike, maintenance costs are minimal, but a car costs CZK 10,000 a year just for having it. Despite its diminishing value.   Enjoy the shine and feeling of uniqueness Ladies who […]

Warning Signs of Financial Problems – Credits

Financial problems can affect anyone one day or the other. If you recognize yourself in the following situations, you may be in a problematic debt situation. I only make the minimum payment on my credit cards. By making only the minimum payment on your credit cards, you will pay considerable amounts in interest (up to […]