3-Month Postponed Lending Banks 2019 | Loans

The 3-Month Postponed Loan, which is a type of loan that is intended for people who will enter the investment after withdrawing the loan and those who will receive the return on investment a few months later, has taken many people to research.

Repayable loans after 3 months


The special feature of these loans is that they are repayable loans after 3 months and deferred loans for 3 months. In the following sections of this article, we will investigate whether banks that provide postponed loans and whether they provide postponed housing loans, postponed consumer loans or postponed vehicle loans.

Today, the majority of individuals who want to apply for loans by applying to banks make their loan payments on a monthly basis. However, some customers do not want to pay for their loans immediately and want to start loan payments after a few months . For this reason, banks also make 3-month postponement of loan payments in order to provide better service to their customers.

Banks’ credit payments are started after 3 months, which means that individuals will start to pay the loan after 3 months. Moreover, this advantage can be applied to all loans. The loan payments can be made after 3 months by taking advantage of the 3-month deferral feature for different loans such as both general purpose loans, housing loans and vehicle loans.  

After 3 months, which can be named as delayed loan, the payment starts after 3 months after withdrawing the loan. Banks have prepared these loans for people who invest or expect money from a place. The first installment payment date is 3 months after the withdrawal of the loan.

3 Month Postponed Loan Terms


Banks that provide credit with a 3-month deferment will not look for an extra requirement from their customers. All of the features required by customers in normal loan applications are also valid for loans with 3 months postponement. A credit rating (see What is a credit rating?) Is one of the features that banks are seeking for loans that are postponed for 3 months as in other loans.

All individuals with a low credit rating and below the criterion required by banks cannot withdraw 3-month postponed consumer loans from banks. However, people with a high credit score can easily withdraw their loans and make payments of their loans with a 3-month postponement. In addition, a certificate of income is required from people who want to take credit.  

3 Month Postponed Loan Required Documents

3 Month Postponed Loan Required Documents

Generally, there is no change in the documents requested by the banks for the 3-month deferred loan, which is started to be paid after 3 months from the customers. The required documents according to the type of loan to be withdrawn are also valid for the loans with 3 months deferred.

However, if we need to mention in general, the first documents that banks look for for a 3-month deferred loan are the identity cards of the individuals, which are the identity cards. Without a birth certificate, many banks do not initiate credit transactions.

Apart from this, the other required documents are the documents showing the income level of the people who want to take out loans. In addition, as mentioned above, the credit ratings of the individuals must be above the desired level.  

3 Month Postponed Loans


   It sounds like a great idea to pull a loan and start paying in 3 months. The banks that realize this idea give different maturity and interest rates. Some banks up to 4 months of the first installment payment period delights those who want to withdraw credit.

3 Month Postponed Consumer Loan

   When it comes to 3-month deferred loans, ING Bank, Akbank, Finansbank and TEB are among those who provide general purpose loans. Although all of these banks provide 3 month delayed general purpose loans, terms and terms of payment may vary for each bank.

Some of these banks, where interest rates and maturity periods may be variable, may give credit to low credit ratings, while others do not.

3 Month Postponed Housing Loan

Banks with delayed housing loans are not much. Honest Bank is the only bank to provide a delayed housing loan within the bank that has extended the loan for more than 3 months.

You can read the conditions under which Honest Bank granted a delayed housing loan and to whom you give credit under the subheading of Honest below. It will also be updated here as soon as another bank starts lending mortgage .

3 Month Postponed Vehicle Loan

   Vehicle loans have helped many people who want to buy a car or do business or just want to own a car. However, it seems like a very good idea to buy a car and pull out a loan and pay back after 3 months.

However, at the moment, no bank gives 3 months delayed vehicle loans. There may be many reasons for this, but the reason for us is that banks do not want to take risks. As a result, vehicle prices have a market that can increase or decrease at any time.


Fine-free mortgage repayment

More and more homeowners are considering paying extra on the mortgage. The crisis, low savings rates and new mortgage rules make many people think about their mortgage. Certainly homeowners with a (partial) interest-only mortgage more often opt for an additional loan repayment. But sometimes you pay a fine for early repayment of the mortgage. What exactly is that and when can I repay my mortgage without penalty? Read everything about penalty-free repayments in the article below.

Why not pay off without penalty?


With a mortgage you enter into an obligation with the bank: the bank borrows your money to finance your house and you pay it back with interest according to an agreed repayment schedule. This repayment usually lasts 30 years. If you pay more than agreed, the bank will miss out on mortgage interest . The penalty interest is intended as partial compensation for the lost income.

Note: Re-lending your mortgage before the fixed-rate period has expired also means that you have to pay a penalty interest.

Fine-free mortgage repayment – Limit

Fine-free mortgage repayment - Limit

Not every extra repayment automatically leads to a fine. Depending on the bank, you can repay 10 to 20 percent of the mortgage loan each year without penalty and there are banks that do not charge penalty interest at all. In addition to comparing interest rates when you take out a new mortgage, it is therefore wise to properly compare these types of conditions from different banks.

Tip! Repay your mortgage without penalty? Spread the extra repayment over several years, so that you can use the maximum penalty-free repayment several times.

Mortgage repayment without penalty – When not a fine?

Mortgage repayment without penalty - When not a fine?

In a number of situations you do not have to pay penalty interest if you take out the mortgage or pay off extra:

  • If the fixed-rate period has expired
  • If you have a variable-rate mortgage instead of a fixed interest rate
  • If the mortgage interest at the same bank is higher at that time
  • If you sell the property

Amount fine early repayment mortgage

Amount fine early repayment mortgage

The amount of the fine varies per situation, but there are some factors that partly determine how high the fine will be:

  • The amount of the outstanding mortgage loan
  • The remaining fixed-rate period
  • The difference between your mortgage interest rate and the bank’s current interest rate
  • The amount of the penalty-free repayment
  • The amount of the total repayment

A bank adviser can tell you exactly which fine you have to pay.

If you are considering taking out a mortgage or making additional repayments, ask the bank what penalty interest you should pay. You can put this in addition to the benefit that you will gain if you pay off extra or take out your mortgage. In some situations it turns out not to be more beneficial to transfer or repay extra, in other situations it is.