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File Cost-Free Credit , which does not take file costs , file-free credit banks , file-free credit which are the banks and all information about file-free loans are included in the continuation of our article. In case of loan applications, if the loans are approved, the bank collects a service fee by deducting the file cost over the amount of the loan you have taken while transferring the money to your account.

Although these transactions were not bound by any law until 2014, this was brought to a legal stage in 2014 and legalized by banks and called as man Good Finance Fee bank. Although it is known among the public as file costs, the current name is Finance Allocation Fee. So can I use the credit without this charge? What are the lending banks without file charges?

What is File Cost in Credits?


File Cost is a fee that banks collect from their customers when issuing loans in accordance with the ler Regulation on Fees to be Received from Financial Consumers ile by a judicial decision issued in 2014. These charges, which are known as File Costs before being legally linked, have been renamed as File Costs by the public even though they have been replaced by Financial Allocation Fee after legal sanctions. Banks can collect up to five thousandth of File Expenses from consumers. You should also remember that you have the right to object to the corresponding parts by performing simple calculations.

These fees are available at all banks. Apart from some campaigns , we can say that there is no credit type without file costs. However, in this article, we will list the banks that give credit to you without file costs and we will make you avoid the file costs. In addition, insurance , insurance , such as fees will be excluded from the cost of file is not included in this amount should be reminded.

File Cost Calculation How To …


The file cost calculation is shown as an example in the following table. File costs can be up to 5 per thousand of the credit amount and cannot be excluded. With a simple account, you can easily understand how much file charges can be charged to loans.

Which are the lending-free banks?

If we were able to explain what the cost of the file is in general, now it is time to explain the lending banks without taking this fee. There is no rule that the file will be in every bank at no cost loans . However, since most banks will try to attract customers by doing these types of campaigns, you can ask your bank before applying for a loan and turn to loans that do not have file charges. The only thing to be aware of is that there are no additional fees to avoid file charges. What are these banks?

Good Finance File Cost-free Credit

Good Finance File Cost-free Credit

Good Finance is a non-branch banking bank under the roof of Good Lender and does not incur costs and deductions in most transactions. It is worth remembering that you will be exempt from many banking expenses by using Good Finance. Good Finance, account operating fee, money transfer and eft fee, as well as you the opportunity to use file-free credit allows. You can also request that bank employees come to your location without having to go anywhere to open an account at Good Finance.

You can use your minimum credit of 1.000, maximum 50.000 TL on Good Finance with 36 months term and start your transactions immediately. Since Good Finance is a digital bank, you will be able to withdraw money from your ATM immediately. Interest rates will be determined as 2.49% on average, as they will vary according to the maturity you want to choose. You can get detailed information from the table below and you can apply through the website.

We have presented 2 different digital banks for you in order to use credit-free files . At the same time, not only credit, banks do not charge any cost to customers for all the products they provide. In this way, you can perform all your banking transactions without paying an extra fee. What are the other banks ? Can I use credit-free credit files from different banks?

Yes you can. Other banks , like these banks, provide customers with the opportunity to file credit free of charge. You can choose these credit options within a variety of information by organizing some campaigns . However, these banks, in order to avoid the cost of files, you can put in front of various criteria. Some of these may change as insurance, life insurance and maturity options. The banks that currently provide file-free credit are as follows;

You can use credit-free credit file by choosing the above banks. The interest rates of these banks are given below. In order to apply for the loan option that suits you, you can call customer service and visit the nearest bank branches.

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